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I bought special pots for dyeing (b/c I didn't have non-reactive pots) and use gloves and a dust-mask, but I do use other kitchen things that we also use for food. I just don't use anything porous so that I can ensure whatever I use can be cleaned thoroughly. I also use a bit of bleach during cleanup.

I do use the mask b/c I'm worried about inhaling the powder, but the gloves are to protect myself from staining my hands. I've gotten dye on them numerous times, though, without any pain, inflammation, etc.

I'm not sure what the problem with the dyes is, exactly. I wonder if the directions are more for people who are dyeing mass quanitities of fiber and therefore run the risk of coming into contact with toxic materials?

I'm sure that if you're cleaning everything really well, you'll be fine. Especially since you don't dye that often or that much at a time.
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