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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Here are a couple sites that you all may be interested in.

I bought some canvas lunch bags, but I don't see them anymore. It was several years ago so they must be making something new now.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE I go back there all the time for more bags and carry the bags i have in my back pack all the time. I give them as gifts, in an effort to get more people using them.

There's my latest grocery expedition in my trunk... that plastic bag in the lower left hand corner irritates me because it was just eggs and bread and could have gone in one of the 2 extra bags he gave back to me...grrrr. (meat i can understand but they are washable so it isn't necessary either!) The purple and green bags have carribeaner (yeah i have no idea now to spell that) clips on them too. cheap ones but functional enough.

There is a company that takes the plastic bottles too... they send you a box and you just tape it and ship it to them, free, when it is full. i need to find their info online again. it makes me feel better about all that plastic in the trunk there.

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