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Originally Posted by five_six View Post
I've gotten quite used to it, except now I have to use my memory more for the threads I'm NOT following. In the old forum if you had read a thread it was permanently marked another colour (you know, like when you have used a hyperlink before, it goes from blue to purple for eternity) which made it easy for me to see which things I had already checked. This mostly applies to the Whatcha Knitting forum. Now I find I have to remember the names of the threads I've already checked or I keep going into the same ones over and over again each day.

But apart from that, I can barely remember the old forum now.
I agree... I have actually been kinda avoiding the boards because of this. Whenever I go into a section and see all those red links, I groan. TOO MUCH! I liked to know which ones I had been to before, and no I have no clue which ones I have been to or not, and which ones are new and which are old...

The organizing is ok. It's just the link colours that are bothing me.

Oh well.
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