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Originally Posted by BostonBecca View Post
Or Dumbledore asked Snape to do it, he said "please" but the please was ambiguous. It could have been "please, kill me now" or "please don't."
Exactly, I was thinking this when I read it! The fact that many people didn't pick up on it was totally intentional of course. She wants to throw some good plot twists at us in the final book.

Originally Posted by newamy View Post
I agree, Dumbledore did really die. Rowling is rhuthless about these things. I was just watching a program that compared the Star Wars Trilogy to ancient mythology and the Hero must loose his mentors and face his enemy alone
NewAmy, I have the same series out on DVD right now! Joseph Campbell rocks! You said it perfectly, I totally agree that Dumbledore has to be out of the picture for the hero to come fully into his own.

ETA: Your welcome Chrislt8. Here we can speculate to our heart's content. :D Although I confess, even these I'm only skimming, I don't want to know too much! I like to be surprised!
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