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Originally Posted by newamy View Post
In Star Wars Luke saves his own father. So slightly different twist but the ordinary young kid with an insurmountable enemy (evil) who learns from mentors, then loosing them, becoming the hero of the day is a very similar concept.
I suddenly had an image of Voldemort hissing: "Harry.....I'm your father!"

Anyway, yes, Dumbledore's gone. Characters die in stories for a reason and I don't think Rowling will bring him back. He will probably give advice to Harry through the Headmaster's portrait or something.

I think Snape's good. I think one of the reasons why Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him was to keep Draco from doing it. As it's been said, that murder will tear a soul in two, I think Dumbledore was trying to protect Draco.

I also have a slight suspicion that Harry will die in the last book. Don't know exactly why, but I think he might.
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