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GGL, thanks for starting this thread. What a moving article! It's given me pause.

I want to share something very positive and uplifting with you all. A few months ago I came accross this incredible website, which helps organize Zero Waste events in Boulder, CO. I'm organizing a singing event (happening this Saturday) and I decided to make it a "Green" event. We'll have compost collection! Not just for food scraps: we've bought earth-friendly, biodegradable plates, cups, and fake-plastic forks (made from potato starch), so it can all be composted. This is an event with about 100 people, and a potluck dinner on the grounds. I expect to have less than one bag of trash, and instead, several bags of compostables! Of course we'll have recycling collection as well.

I just posted more details in my blog thread.

Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
We just bought a couple reusable bags at Target today!
Yay Jan!
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