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knittingnat..ridiculous when they penny pinch and you are already saving them loads of money. You changing the fitting could prevent a fire also.

debinoz...wonderful when you've had a good relationship with a landlord. I generally rent through agents but I've only really ever had one really fabulous landlord. The rest have been penny pinching..people that expected you to put up with cracks through shower screens and the fear of the glass breaking but would never live with that themselves. What appalls me are these people who know they get a tax benefit from doing work but they don't or won't..sometimes because they are cheating the system themselves and don't want to be caught out..or..they have many properties and are like scrooge..or..they think you as a renter are low life compared to them as owner and so don't deserve better. The best landlords tend to be those who rented for some times themselves I think.
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