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Originally Posted by MaryB View Post
I don't know how you find time for all the wonderful things you do!
Well, I have time, because I don't really like to knit for myself. I'm a plus-size girl, so it takes FOREVER to make myself anything. Plus, it uses a LOT of yarn when I do. (The only thing I really ever make for myself is socks.)

I don't knit Christmas gifts, because I did that one year, and didn't really see that it was appreciated as much as I thought it would be. So, I prefer to knit for those that really need it.

I have lots of yarn, because people are always giving me yarn for my charity knitting. (Once I got a bag full of 200 skeins from a lady who works for a yarn company!) So, I'm equipped to do lots of charity knitting.

I knit ALL THE TIME, carrying a project with me wherever I go. I knit at stoplights, doctor's offices, dentist offices, church, restaurants.

If I'm sitting, I'm knitting.
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