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Ingrid's yarns are very subtle, very delicately shaded. Therefore, they cabled very nicely.

Some variegated yarns are not so subtle. The colors may "pool" very aggressively, and may dominate the field. They may fight for recognition over the cabling.

I have had this happen with Red Heart variegated yarns.

I am now in the process of clearing out all my acrylic leftovers...and making a child's Crazy Quilt Afghan. I had some variegated Red Hearts on how the colors "pool" (they don't "tweed")...I used a very dominant cable pattern for the variegated yarns. Below are 3 of the 8"x8" squares. Red Heart variegated yarns ARE NOT the qualilty, fiber-wise and colorway-wise, of Noro and Malabrigo yarns. You gets what you pays for. I still use the acrylics for toddler projects for my many grandchildren. It makes the laundering much easier for my daughters. There is nothing wrong with using Red Heart yarn! But, the variegated skeins are a challenge.

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