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re: emergency preparedness
Since I live in the suburbs of the Nation's Capital (Wash DC) there is lots of talk about being prepared for some sort of emergency, be it hurricane, or attack.
The most reasonable advice I've seen from the "experts" includes: have at least 3 weeks of your prescriptions at hand. have cash (hidden) so you don't have to depend on ATM's. make an emergency kit of food/ water (enough for each family member for 3 days) and one of batteries, flashlights, bandaids etc. Have recent maps, and look up alternate routes out that don't include major interstates. Have a radio + batteries or one of those hand crank radios you can get at camping supply stores. Have a plan for your pet.

having some sort of plan will ease your mind.

and about your friend's g/ma- I'm so sorry- just hang in there and be there for your friend...
did I say one project at a time?

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