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Originally Posted by Nobones View Post
Those squares are gorgeous, I love yarn with lots of colour in it. Can't find much of it in my LYS. I think it's cheerful and therefore makes me smile.
The colors were "Beach", "Citrus" and "Crayons". The yarn was called RED HEART KIDS YARN. I got mine from the Herrschners catalog. HERE is a link to the Herrschner page. It looks like they still have Beach and Crayons. I don't see Citrus. But they have a new colors called Bikini and Sherbet variegateds. They are also very bright and cheerful. They seem to have about 232 yds each and they are on sale for $3.97.

Anyway, Crayons, Bikini and Sherbet are my favorites! And Red Heart Kids has coordinating solid colors to go with. I used to make my toddler grandchildren little cardigans, using, for example, solid black for the body with Crayons for the cuffs, collar and button bands and "crayons buttons". Another style: the Left Front would be solid green with a "Crayons" sleeve...and the Right Front would be "Crayons" with a solid red sleeve, and the BACK would be solid blue...and the button bands, cuffs and collar would be solid bright yellow...and the buttons were little crayon buttons.

I had lots of fun! The kids loved the bright colors! Oh, BTW..8 of our 10 grandchildren are girls...two are boys. These crayons sweaters were knit for my girl grandchildren. Back then, my one boy grandchild refused to wear sweaters. The newest boy grandbaby is a baby, too early to tell what he will or won't wear. I have a dilemma there. He is my son's son...but my daughter-in-law came with two other children.
So if I knit for my son's son...I have to knit for the two older grade school age children as well. They are sweet, lovable children...and I would never leave them out.
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