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Hi Aaron! Wow thanks! That Universal Problem solver sounds like it may be handy. except I love my Sony Vaio! So weird, I went & turned my husband's computer on just to see if my titles were in orange and yup of course they were. Then, like I replied to a topic about Victoria Magazine and the title turned from red to black. And it's a smaller font.

Then, I did what SuzieQ said, the tools option thingy and the box WAS checked to allow website's colors. The box above it was not checked (to use these colors, which were black and white) and I checked it but it didn't make a difference.

I don't know where the heck the firewall is even located but I guess I can find it. How strange...
I let this go on since Sheldon changed the site but now I've got a bee in my ol bonnet.


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