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Originally Posted by Lucy Fan View Post
I don't know about those, but we bought these wheely things at Lowes (or was it Home Depot?) that are designed for moving furniture that work fantastic. It's just basically wood nailed together in a square with carpet stapled around so that it doesn't scratch and it has wheels and it low to the ground. You just pick up one half of the item and slide it under and then pick up the other half and slide another one under and whatever you want to move (couch, dresser, tv unit) moves easily. We use them all the time when I want things moved around and our friends are always asking to borrow them. They work great on carpet.

Thanks for replying, but do you know what they are actually called?? I don't know if Home Depot will know what I'm talking about if I call and ask for Wheely things. And they really work on carpet??
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