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Well women and men use wallets equally. Women tend to carry their wallets in their purses along with everything else in there life.

And totes to purses to handbags and whatever other "bag" name you can come up with is just another variation of a bag.

Like a pair of pants can be slacks, or jeans or low rise, high rise, flared, skinny, wide leg, short... the name just indicates a slightly different style.

Totes tend to be larger with an open top.

Clutch - Purse without straps

Purse tends to have straps

so many variations for a bag. Which means one thing. So many more options for us to choose from!

You can also check out this page HandBag 101

the link should bring you to the glossary which will tell you about everything from bag types to even fabrics used in a list.
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