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Originally Posted by tonguetied View Post

And there's one thing I need help.. I'm trying to make a rosette I just can't read the instructions of row 2... please help...

your first round had a series of Ch1 places which are called ch1-sp or chain 1 space.

Row 2 Ch 3 counts as dc, Chain 3
5 dc first in ch-space, Do 5 double crochet in the first space of the row below.

*sc in next ch-1 space, 6 dc in next ch-1 space shell st made; repeat from *, do a single in next chain 1 space, then do 6 double crochet in the following ch1 space; repeat this (sc then 6 dc) almost to the end

ending 6 dc in last ch-1 space 6 (16, 25) shells. In the last chain 1 space , do 6 double crochet

Fasten off, leaving long tail for anchoring Rosette.
did I say one project at a time?

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