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Filet Crochet
I am currently beginning to obsess about Filet Crochet. My mil has a piece that she framed which has the family last name on it. My sil just recently bought one made by a crocheter from her home town. I have wanted for years to at least get a handle on crochet to make one of my own. I keep thinking that although I can chain 'til the cows come home, the reason I don't knit Continental is because crocheting feels so awkward. I've begun searching online for freebie letter patterns and such but at least I went to Hobby Lobby and got a steel hook, a Filet crochet book and a ball of thread. The book has some how to's and a few projects along with coaster patterns that you put an initial. I figure I can practice doing one letter and branch out from there.
Anyone have any tips/advice? When I finally got the hang of knitting after years of trying to teach myself and found the new books these last few years having good pics and of course this site, I know there is more good info out there for me on this. I've visited NexStitch site which is great too!
Thanks everybody!
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