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Originally Posted by Susan P. View Post
But isn't the issue with him that he apologised for his gaffe..went through a tolerance program thing and so on...but wound up..months later..fired anyway and that's what is the core of his beef? Heaven knows why he was fired...maybe he was just a pain in the butterfly clip but people are naturally thinking it was because of what he said..or maybe even tho he did the program etc deep down he hadn't changed at all...or... *shrug*

In my way of thinking, the "core of his beef" does not license him to lay blame away from himself.

Certainly, I understand his frustration and anger at being fired after having fulfilled all of their requirements. I'd hate that too, and of course feel humiliated and all that ... but that too doesn't give him the right to blame the other actors for the things HE did.

He annoyed me as "Burke" with his over-the-top arrogance, and after following the story of his on-set behaviors, it now seems that playing Dr. Burke isn't a stretch for him.

But, I'm still a bit cranky.
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