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Wow this is a super quick knit! I just cast him on this evening so I could stop looking at that tiny lace weight yarn and I'm already done with his front.

Now I need some experienced advice. The main color is Cascade 220 #7812 . and his back is Linie 85 Smash #0131 (the green/yellow/blue/brown color on that page). My question is this, should I order some brown for the paws that matches the back or use the leftover Wool of the Andes Hyacinth (which is a really royal purple) that I have in my stash?

I've got plenty of time to order something else (It's a gift for a baby that's isn't due until next year) I kinda like the idea of the purple because it would be a fun bright color and brown just doesn't sound as fun. But it also bothers me greatly that it wouldn't match the back fur. What do you guys think?

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