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I use Addis more than any other needles, but I like my Denise set very much, especially for slippery yarn, and for the fact that they're lighter (therefore easier on the hands) than either Options or Addis. They're also great for throwing in your bag when you're going to be trying out yarns, or when you're traveling.

I bought several pairs of Options. Loved the sharp points and skinny, flexy cables. But they were nothing but trouble, what with poor finishing on two of the end pieces and one cable that wouldn't connect with anything. KnitPicks replaced them without questions, but I still find that they start coming unscrewed after several inches of knitting, especially with laceweight. When the fine yarn starts catching on the joins, I know that some of the threading is exposed and it's time to tighten up the needles again. (Yes, I use the mini-wrench.) Also, the ends I use most are beginning to tarnish. I am giving up on the multiple-size Options, but I do think I will try the single-size version, especially in small sizes.

My Denise set has been trouble-free for many years, and I do enjoy it for certain things. But look -- it's a personal thing. If you just don't like how they feel, swap them for something else, or sell them on eBay.
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