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Counting Stiches...and other stuff
So, I just finally decided to pick up the Happy Hooker book and have been swatching this weekend. My question, you count the turning chain as your first stitch? I think I never kept up with crochet because I was always off count and got mad. It still seems awkward to hold a hook unless picking up a dropped stitch in knitting...but would you say you just hold it the way that works for you individually? I find that a lot of instructions say to wrap the yarn counterclockwise, but I seem to manipulate the hook more than I move my left hand with the working yarn around. Maybe that's why I feel like I am clockwise-ing and not counterclockwise-ing?

Also, as I am swatching, dc, trc, I find that I do a sc in the intial chain when doing dc, hdc, trc, instead of going right into the dc, etc. Is that wrong? trying to crochet into that foundation chain is a beeotch!
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