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I'm replying again, because I changed my username. I was cawthraven, and am now Stiney.

My brother couldn't say my name when he was little, so he said "Stine" (rhymes with "queen.") One of my best friends found this out and started calling me this. At some point in college, all of my friends from home started calling me Stine. Except one, who was pronouncing it "Stine" rhymes with "mine," so he and all of his college friends call me that.

I started going by that on here instead of Christine or cawthraven, and asked Amy to switch my name. Stine was taken, but I get called "Stiney" a lot, too, so that works.

And both pronunciations of my name are equally correct and valid.

Brenda, I say either "brenDA-hoes" or "BRENdaJOEZ."

Am famoos!

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