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Knitting the Flap
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MerigoldinWA: Wow...your DH designs his own stuff??? I don't even know how to do that, except for on simple scarves! I'm impressed!

Jax3303: I literally laughed out loud when you said your DH scowls when he touches crap yarns.!

Jeremy: You rock. :happydancing:

I have to say that my DH wasn't too weirded out about learning to knit, and he did get even more comfortable about knitting when I showed him all the guys on here and some of the pics of the FO's/WIP's done by guys. He's a creative person and he likes to make things with his hands, so the possibility of making a cool hat, scarf or blanket (doing it himself, and making something that he WANTS and that is useful) really appeals to him.

This Sunday after around 4pm, the Discovery Channel is running all shows that have to do with ancient Egypt. We love that kind of thing, so we've already made plans to just sit down at 4pm and knit all night while we listen/watch the shows. I love being able to share this hobby with him. I hope he gets more addicted as he gets going.
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