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I just read...those 5 stitches are supposed to be for the buttonband, which is here :

Buttonband: With smaller needles, work 5 sts from left front holder, inc 1 st at inside edge 6 sts. Work in ribbing as established, working inc st in St st until band, when slightly stretched, fits along left front edge to beg of neck shaping, end on WS, decreasing 1 st at end 5 sts. Sew band in place, adjusting length if necessary. Place sts on a holder. Place markers on band for 6 buttons, the first 1" from lower edge, the last will be at beg of neckband, and 4 others spaced evenly between. Note: Buttonholes should be worked as rib 2 sts, k2 tog, yo, rib 2 sts.

So is it purl or do I just slip them?

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