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Cold Shoulders from Happy Hooker Book - Help!
I'm thinking of trying this but row 7 and row 9 are confusing me.

Row 7: Ch3 (counts as first dc), dc in first dc (inc. made),

This is what confuses me: Where am I inserting the hook on the increase? Somewhere in that ch3, which is the first dc?

And on Row 9, it says: Ch5 (counts as tr, ch1), (tr, ch, tr) in first tr (half shell made)

Again, I just don't know where to insert the hook for that first tr, ch, tr. Somewhere in the ch5?

I really wish someone would just come to my house and show me. This is why I HATE patterns! I can't "see" sometimes and I'm a total visual learner.

Thanks for the help!
Blessings, Leslie
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