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I can do it- I'm ordering next week anyways! pm me the exact ones you want and I'll add them in!

Originally Posted by willowangel View Post
Hello all :-)

I decided to bite the bullet at last and get myself a set of Options (plus a couple of extras, of course ;-)). Only problem is, as they still don't ship internationally, I'm hoping one of you lovely people will help me out by ordering them and sending them on. The total of the order I want to make comes to $77.95, and I have paypal if that helps anyone. I'll obviously pay the paypal charge too, and repostage out to here - just want to get my hands on some ;-)

The extras I'm after are some circs in the smaller sizes for lace knitting, and the viewer.

Hope you're all having a good day (it's 6am here, probably accounting for my 'must...have...options...needles' mindset).

Take care,
Fi xxx
did I say one project at a time?

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