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wow those are so beautiful. I really hope to get good enough to try thread crochet. My Mother in law just gave me two sets of pot holders made by her aunt in the 40's that are just beautiful thread crochet. They are actually on display here at home and I'd never dream of "using" them- they are like art!! I was afraid those types of patterns were gone forever!! So if I can find crochet! and Hooked on crochet I might find patterns?

do you have advice on beginning patterns or anything? Any particular brands of thread you like best?

I'm working on a doily-type pattern from Crochet Today ( I think) that is going to be a pillow front- but as I'm a beginner and I'm trying to see all the stitches clearly, I'm using regular kitchen cotton. (I'm aware it will be bigger and not as delicate- but I wanted to try to read the chart properly!)

I'd love any advice... MKZ
did I say one project at a time?

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