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FO - Two baby cardigans
I am so chuffed with myself as I have now finished the second baby cardigan!!! And they look like real cardigans!!!!

This one only took a week, but somehow the button holes went all out of kilter... I have no idea how this happened as they are on the same row, but as it is hot here in Singapore I doubt it will be done up so am trying to ignore it :rollseyes:

Anyway, here are the pictures

This is the first one I did, it is done in baby cotton

And this is the second one, done in lemon coloured baby wool

This is a close up of the first one, so you can see the stitching pattern

I hope my friends like them!!! My husband loves the pattern, and says he would like one - trouble is the pattern only goes up to age 6 :rofling::rofling:
OTN: Sublime jumper for DH in Sublime cashmere merino silk aran, FINALLY a cardie for me - in cotton, first pair of socks

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