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I've knitted English since I started about 30 years ago (I didn't continue it all these years, but picked it back up about 3 years ago.) I didn't even know there were different methods, but I do remember my SIL telling me long ago that I was knitting "wrong". (But I was coming out with the same stitches as she, so how could it be "wrong", I reasoned to myself. I have since learned that Annie Modesette had the same problems.)
For the last month, I've been trying to knit Continental exclusively, because I got the Elizabeth Zimmerman DVD for Mother's Day and she really recommended the Continental way. If you can do both, you can do color-knitting much better, she says. SO I'm trying hard, but it's HARD for me to do it. My left hand hurts so much, from doing all the work--still I can see that "picking" has less hand motion than throwing. I just wish my guage would finally even out. If not, I guess I'l just go back to English!!
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