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Help with stuffed rabbit pattern
Has anyone else made any of the Loveable Toys from Last Minute Knitted Gifts? I'm doing the rabbit and I'm totally lost when it comes to joining the legs to begin knitting the body in the round.

It's done on two 24" circular needles. First you knit the legs flat, one on each circ, then you place half the stitches for each leg on each needle, 20 stitches for the front on one needle and 20 stitches for the back on the other needle. I did this part okay, I believe.

Then it says this: "Join double strand of main yarn with RS facing to the beginning of one needle. Work in St stitch in the round on all 40 stitches as follows.

Round 1: Knit the first 20 sts using both ends of the same needle, then knit the second 20 sts with both ends of the other needle."

Rounds 2 through 24 are knit in the same manner.

But my main yarn is coming out of the middle of the needle instead of one end or another, and I can't figure how to join in the round and begin knitting, although everything appears to be lined up properly. I'm just not understanding the pattern at all! Can anyone enlighten me, please? I'd be SO grateful!
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