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I'm so sorry that happened to you. It must have been frightening!

Do you know where the dog lives so you can talk to the owner? That's the first thing I would do -- I wouldn't be so quick to call animal control.

I have a friend who lives down the road from me. She called me once and asked if I knew a woman who had dog who lived across the street from me. She said the woman walks past her house with the dog off leash and the dog runs onto her property and scares her cat. She has young children and was concerned that the dog might try and hurt her kids.

I tried to think of who she might be talking about and it didn't occur to me right away that she was talking about my neighbor who has 2 young children and I dog that I would never consider a threat to anyone. I have gone over to her house many times to feed and let her dog out if she and her family were gone for the day. Our pups have even had playdates. My neighbor is a lovely lady and would have responded considerately if my friend had approached her reasonably.

I told her who I thought she was referring to and she said, thanks, now I can call Animal Control and make a complaint.

I tried to get her to talk to my neighbor face to face or even just call her but she was convinced that Animal Control needed to be involved. I felt bad -- if both women had met under other circumstances, they might have even liked each other.

I'm not saying you might not have to call Animal Control to intervene at some point, but if you can speak to the dog's owner, you may find a reasonable solution first.

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