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I don't let my dogs off leash except at the dog park. My Rat Terrier is very socialized and loves the dog park. (I'm always on guard there cause many people can't read their dogs' signs and can't tell the difference between aggression and play.)

I'm sure my pup would come when he's called -- he is very responsive and I trust him but even though he's not the size of a Rottie, he's a Rat Terrier and his nature is to go after small animals. So, as obedient as he is in controlled situations like my yard and the dog park and on leash, I'd be foolish to assume that he wouldn't go after someone else's cat or small pet or, God forbid, a small child. He's had much obedience training but how many animals would stop on a dime if there was "prey" involved. The bad things happen faster than we expect them to.

Anyway, I don't think my neighbor should keep walking her dog off leash no matter how much the dog likes it, I just think that the authorities should be a worst case scenario.

BTW, the spray idea sounds good to me. Like I said, even at the dog park many people can't tell aggression from play.
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