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Since we're on the topic..anyone ever had to broach a neighbour about a barking dog in an apartment building? There is one down the hall from me and it seems its owners are now leaving it once a week for a whole day - and it's not used to it. It barks and barks and of course other residents wind up coming out into the hall and yelling for it to shut up. The dog IS getting better..the second week was way better than the first for example..however..6 hours of on/off barking is difficult. I've spoken to the group that runs the place and they said they have spoken to the owners before and the owners voiced a wish that people would just come and speak to them directly. I guess I can only be honest with them about the situation..however..if I am able to suggest any tips I would like to do so at the time the sense of showing my understanding and willingness to be patient a while longer.

Advice? Tips?
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