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The most terrified I have ever been was one day going for a VERY short walk and then attempting to walk towards the house. Two neighbouring dogs, on full attack presentation mode bailed me up. I was terrified and it was all I could do to back away. I had nothing in my hands and there were no other homes I could retreat to. Eventually I found a way to literally slide against the external wall around the house and got in ..the dogs had backed off my then anyway when their interest was taken elsewhere.

I called our local animal ranger (as we call it here) and told him about it. Apparently the owners had been hauled in 3!! times before over these dogs, had received fines and so on. I asked him HOW LONG it would be before the animals were impounded and that I would take action again the Council if placed in the same situation again and if I ever saw the dogs on the street again. That did it and I admit, I never say the dogs again. But how many chances are people given!
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