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What does the crate to? Just give it a sense of a cave like space that's secure? I admit I've never heard of that. I suspect these ladies will not do it mind you..just from my observation..they are more likely to perhaps buy it a big doll But thanks for the response.. I will suggest it.

Jan..that sprays looks good.. I guess the only comment again is to ensure its USE is legal where you are..shipping of course is different than using it.. oh..and.. make sure the wind is not blowing in your direction if would not want it in your own eyes. Tho, we hope you never have to use it. I admit, I'm doing all the right things re warning about legalities, but if I could buy one of those here I would..just for personal safety. If I am attacked or believe I am about to be.. I'll face the consequences later and would prefer that than being harmed.
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