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My first time on a forum!
Hello. I am new to knitting. I make silver jewlery as a hobby, and do stone setting, hollow forms, some small scale forging. my husband is a musician, so i took up knitting as an activity for when he practices. It is a little disruptive for me to be hammering on my anvils while he is playing his quieter, by knitting i can keep him company and still be doing something constructive while he plays or sings.

i started about a year and a half ago, and have made a number of scarves, 5 sweaters so far, with another 2 in the works. I also started crocheting (I get a little carried away sometimes). After a brief tutorial from my friend susan, i have been teaching myself. now i've reached the limits of my knowledge, and would welcome some help.

If anyone can explain the following, i've be very grateful. I have gone looking through my reference books, and i am still mystified. I am working on a pattern by Filati. I've reached the top of the sweater, and the instructions read as follows:

"dec for short shaping on every alt row and each end 2 sts once, 1 st once, 2 sts once and 1 st twice, working visible inc."

"visible inc: right edge: edge st, K1, K tog 3 resp. 2. Left edge: 1 double resp. 1 simple slip dec (= slip 1 knitwise, K2 tog resp. K1, psso), K1, edge st."

Thank you, and I hope someone out there can put me out of my misery!!!! I just hate being frustrated. Deirdre
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