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Opinions wanted on gift, please

This is kind of a weird request. If there are any Greek (or other) Orthodox knitters reading this, maybe you could help me.

I want to make a present for our community's monk. He is very active and helps everyone. He has been especially kind to me about some adjustment problems I had when I first moved here (he speaks excellent English). I noticed that other people give him gifts, like baking or sewing things for him.

But what? I thought of a black or navy blue scarf. My husband suggested a V-neck vest, but I couldn't make it without his measurements. Socks would be good, but again, I don't know his foot size and am still learning socks.

He wears only black robes in public, and wouldn't wear a knitted hat or anything. He has a special hat he wears. I don't know if he can wear gloves, but my knitting skills aren't up to that. Given the combination of his dress code and my knitting skills, I think a scarf is it.

Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! Sorry about all the rambling!
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