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markykz....ahh..interesting to learn. I have moved into an area where there are some very very poor people and there is a local medical centre that is doing it tough. My son and I talked the other day and I said I would offer to make a new set of curtains for around the 'bed'. When I visited the clinic the other day I spoke to one of the doctors about various matters - including their chairs - and he said, you know, we no longer buy new things because every time we do we are broken in to.

What a sad sign of the times that is; that they daren't risk new chairs or paintwork or anything.

If AnnaT had been single I would perhaps have cautioned about a personal gift but I think as a married woman she is in a good place..and if the monk has been receiving cooking and sewing from other women in the community then I think a personal gift may be nice. At the same time, Anna could offer two of something..and say to the for for someone in our community who you know could benefit. That may be a nice approach??
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