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Help; should I file a BBB complaint?
I'll try to be brief, I really need some advice.
I signed a contract with a fence company in late April. They didn't even have the lowest bid, but the guy seemed so sure my fence would be done in 4 weeks, I signed.
And yes I checked his business out with the Better Business Bureau first, I checked ALL the companies who gave me an estimate.
Ok. The fence took 9 weeks from the time I signed. They told me "once OUR CREW is on your property, it takes about 4 days". It took more like A MONTH because the CREW consisted of ONE guy who said his helper never showed up to work. But he eventually got it done.
There is still an issue because they didn't pour enough concrete into 2 or 3 of the posts. So I do NOT consider it "finished" and I won't pay until it is.
It is a VERY NICE fence, very expensive, part chain link, part wooden privacy.
Here's the big problem.
When I got the bill, the price on the wooden fence matched my signed contract, but the price on the chain link was almost $400 more. I called on 7/13 and left a message saying I think there was a mistake. He calls back 7/16 and leaves a message, "oh that is the materials tax THAT WE TALKED ABOUT, call me if you have questions, I'll look forward to your payment next week".
The next day I call back and tell him "we never talked about ANYTHING, and if we had, I'd want it in writing, so I am not paying this additional charge...and also, can you please put some more cement in these holes so the wood doesn't rot, and then I'll pay you what I owe".
I called again on the 20th, again I just get a machine. Still haven't heard anything. And this isn't just a local handyman, this is one of the largest fence companies around! With tons of advertising, and obviously, not enough workers to do their jobs.
I am just getting mad, the bill states they charge 2% a month for unpaid balances, and if they dare try that...
I guess I'm unsure how many times I call them, or how long to wait, before I go ahead and file a complaint with the BBB.
Because this "materials tax" wasn't listed on my bill as such, it was instead added to the chain link price.
I read the fine print, I even asked him when I signed "no hidden charges, this is it, right?" And he said yes.
How long would you wait? Should I call AGAIN or just wait and then file a complaint with the BBB?
This is a $7000 fence, people. I have a BIG yard. And I am getting VERY mad!
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