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Beginning of Row Cast On?
'Allo 'allo!
I'm having a go at a one "knitted in one piece" sweater again..... What can I say, I just seem to love to punish myself?
Can anyone help me with a cast on at the beginning of a row? The instructions tell me to cast on 2 stitches at the beginning of each end of a row. I can handle the end of the row no bother, but all attempts to get a cast on at the beginning just looks a giant mess
The cast on asked for is backward loop and seems quite easy at a row end, but at the beginning it leaves a big hole.
If there is a knitting wizard out there who can recommend either a different beginning of row cast on method that is neater or an easier way altogether I'll be most grateful. I did a cheat and added the 2 stitches to the end of the row then at the end of the following row - not strictly according to the knitting police rule book but before I pull it out again, do let me know if I can get away with it?! or if I need to mend my ways and sort this out right proper.
As always, many thanks for all your help!
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