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What I do is first soak my yarn in luke warm with some vinegar (I don't measure ) let it set in that for about 30 mins... carefully use a towel to get most of the moisture out... On my table (while the yarn was soaking) I lay down cling wrap and tape it down and in the center... I place my yarn on this and then I tie scraps of yarn where I want the color changes to take place (this is just a guessing game where you think it should be)...I mix my dye into plastic cups and then take those sponge like paint brushes and just start painting it on... I get the yarn soaked through with the dye and make sure you get under it... once I'm happy with it I fold the cling up and over it and fold it in half..then I roll it up.. then I put it in luke warm water on the stove.. bring that up to almost a boil... then rinse till the color runs clear

I use basically KP's dyes... I would use your teal, green, and blue to get the colors you want...

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