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Trying to correct a pattern
I'm working on the Scallop-edge wrap from the Vogue Knitting on the Go Shawls book. I have written 2 emails to the publisher for help and to report the error and haven't heard yet. Here goes my attempt to explain the problem!

The shawl has 10 sections of 22 rows. Each section starts with 44 stitches and increases to 48 (to form a point at the bottom)and then goes back down to 44 stitches. The right side is knit across the row; the wrong side is k10, p20, and then is a combination of knit, yo, k2tog, knit, etc. If you follow the pattern, it increases to 49 actually, not 48. The remaining 11 rows decrease to 44, but they don't end up looking like the mirror image of the first 11 rows after knitting. I have scratched my head multiple times to figure out how to mathematically alter the last 11 rows to go down to 44 stitches and be the mirror image of the first 11 rows.

If this is too complicated for anyone, I will wait patiently for the book company to respond.

Thanks so much!

Kris (who lives below the Hollywood sign)
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