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Bunny Blanket Question
Ok, I'm trying to do this pattern

Maybe it's more than I can do. It seems I've had questions all along. I'm up to row 1 of "Shape Ears" section. Here are the instructions:

Shape Ears
Row 1 P3tog, return st to left needle, cast on 17 sts, p3tog, p 15 16 sts on right needle, 25 sts on left needle.
Row 2 Turn and p 14, p2tog 40 sts.
Row 3 Turn and p 16.
Row 4 Turn and p 12.
Row 5 Turn and p 14.
Row 6 Turn and p 16, p2tog 39 sts.
Row 7 Turn and p 18.
Row 8 Turn and p 16, p2tog 38 sts.


1. When I return stitches to my left needle, do I have to twist them or do they just slip right off from right to left? I want to make sure my stitches are going the right direction.
2. What is all this turning business? What does that mean?

Any help is appreciated.
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