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What to do first? Help for a total newbie!
I've been crocheting for over 10 years and now I want to learn to knit. Thinking back to when I first learned to crochet, I know that everything that seems hard about knitting now will become second nature eventually. But for now I need help!

I was able to learn the double cast on and single cast on from the videos. Should I learn all the other cast on methods listed, or for now just stick with these? Then I watched the video on how to do the knit stitch about 15 times and finally thought I got it. So I tried a row, looked at it, and it was just one big jumbled mess. So obviously I wasn't doing something right. I am trying to find someone locally who can help me, I don't know if the videos are going to cut it for me.

Anyway, I'm a bit confused as to where to go from here. Keep trying what I'm doing, any other videos on this site I can watch? Maybe I don't even know what I'm asking! I just feel lost on how to get going and I'm obsessed now about learning to knit!
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