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Avoiding a raised stitch with spit felting and garter stitch?
I know it would be optimal for me to show an image but I haven't got a camera available atm and I thought I'd ask just in case others have experienced this.

I like to spit felt join when I can but in doing a current item in garter stitch, each time the 'join' (like right where the two strands cross over and back) is knitted I wind up with a misshapen stitch in that place. In looking closely it's because the yarn at that point is thicker and so a thicker 'loop' is basically pulling the stitch up and opening it more. When I've knitted double stranded I've not really noticed this because I'm only doing one join at a time.

I think if you felt, this larger hole and raised stitch becomes a non-issue and I guess many of us *are* felting when we do this? But if you're not felting and you want to avoid this larger stitch in a row, is there a way to do it?
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