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Originally Posted by redheadrachel View Post

if I'm getting EZ's Knitting Workshop, would a book like The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns (basic patterns for a variety of garments) be unnecessary? I'm not sure what all the Knitting Workshop has in it, if it's just sweaters, or has all kinds of garments...

I don't have the EZ books yet (mine are on their way from KnitPicks sale also. Yippee!) but I have both the Knitter's Handy Book of Sweaters and the Handy Book of Patterns. What I like about those books is that you have the ability to really customize a garment using the formulas given in the books. I made my dd the cutest little cotton sweater using the formula for a drop sleeve sweater to which I added a little lace Peter Pan collar from another sweater and then a lace hem on the sleeves and bottom from another. I was able to do the whole thing by just figuring out my gauge and plugging in the numbers in the available charts.

I was also able to adjust a simple sweater pattern that I wasn't getting the right gauge for by using the charts in the book. I have used the sweater book so far more often than the pattern book but they are both great.

I also wanted to say that I like both the One Skein Wonders and the One Skein book and have used both often. I'd say choose either one and you have a winner.

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