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Okay, answer me i wrong when i designed the Flower Power Washcloths (3 versions and the Flower Power hand towel/placemat (3 versions) after seeing a cloth online shaped like a flower that someone had knit from a book (I don't know the name of it)? I sat down and played with yarn and needles and sketches for a couple of weeks for the 1st washcloth, then decided to do several versions of them...same with the hand towel/placemats. Was i wrong in creating something that I saw? FYI, I've still not seen the pattern, but have been told they are designed much differently. It's a very, very gray area! Same thing happens in fashion when designers do their 'versions' of couture (sp?) designs.
In knitting (as in all fashion, I'm sure) items repeat themselves over and over in different ways.
Sorry, I never thought of asking permission of (I don't know who it is) the person that designed the 1st cloth that looks like a flower (lol, probably not the 1st, i see all sorts of floral cloths everwhere!), I never gave it a thought after I sat down and did it all myself. I do so hope it's not wrong, I've since read here and there and didn't see where I was in the wrong. Most of you know me and know I would be MORTIFIED if I did or were accused of wrong doing because it's never been my intention! Just to let everyone know!
My goodness, as you think about it, you see all sorts of designs repeated over and over in different ways....raglan tops like the Anthropology capelet I just saw in either a magazine or book. You can go on and on. Knitting, as in fashion will now and forever repeat itself, don't you agree?! (fyi .... I in no way mean that one should steal copyright, I've had this done, not fun...just that fashion repeats itself).
My conscience is clear, I do so hope ya'll feel the same wayLike I said, I'll die if you disagree, but that's me!
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