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bip.. Binary numbers and code patterns are of course not new and applying two numbers to a graph is probably not copyrightable per se. In this instance it would be the application to an item that is the copyright issue. The application and then description of 'how to make/achieve'. As others have pointed out here...basic stitches are not copyright; its how they are used and drawing in various design issues/elements that's key.

One of the copyright success stories is the smiley face. The guy who originally designed that has done very very nicely thank you

In terms of design moderation Target took a law suit against a company that had a bullseye design. The second company altered the bullseye (number of circles and width) and did not have red however Target argued, and successfully I might add, that the bullseye basic design was associated with them. The second company had to pay compensation and costs and alter their design.
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