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Grafting the Toe
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Ingrid and ContiKnitter,

I want to try a steek. Eek! It's a little scary but sounds like such a good thing to know. I have owned EZ's Knitting Without Tears for years, she talks a little about steeking in there, but it mostly sounded to me like she didn't really knit a steek, she just used about 3 stitches and machine sewed and cut to put in sleeves.

Ingrid your information right here about steeking is the best I have found so far, but I still have a couple of questions.

Do either of you have a blog or anything that goes into even more detail about this technique? Ingrid, you said one place that you pick up stitches along the first row of the regular knitting at the edge of the steek, for instance at the sleeve. You don't do anything with the steek part after that? EZ didn't really knit a steek, she just "cut a steek", I guess you'd call it. Then she said she whip stitched over the edges. I don't really know what all this looks like at this point so I'm unclear here. There is nothing that can come undone after you pick up stitches and do sleeve or neck? Can you cut the steek off near the picked up stitches? Ingrid, you said you didn't sew yours down? Does it really need to be 10 stitches wide or can they be more like EZs?

Ingrid, on the neck of your sweater all the "shaping" you did was to leave some stitches on a holder at the beginning of the where you wanted the neck? The rest of it just sort of happens magically. In one of ArtLady's posts she said she saw a lady on a cruise ship doing a vest that she was going to steek, and mentioned that she "shaped the neck". Is there a way to shape a neck AND do a steek? I'm thinking of making cardigans, how does the neck shaping work on a cardigan that is steeked up the middle?

I better stop for now and see what your answers are up to now. I'm very grateful for the chance to ask questions of someone who has actually done these. Thank you both for your willingness to share and help people learn new things. MerigoldinWA
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