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Grafting the Toe
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Thanks Ingrid. I think I get the first part now. I can knit a steek or not. And I can sew the edges down or not. Probably EZs way of making the non-steek, steek has more need of being sewn down than yours does.

The way you shape a neck with steek stitches in place is to put the center stitches on a holder, then cast on the steek stitches above it. The shaping is done on the outside edges of the steek. So when you decrease, you do it outside the steek and edge stitches. The steek stays the same size, but the stitches of the sweater on the outside of the steek go down in number.
The part quoted still isn't clear to me yet. You don't decrease any in the steek itself, just keep it going, say in 10 stitches. Got that.
So when you decrease, you do it outside the steek and edge stitches.
On this part, I get outside the steek, but not 100% on the "outside the edge stitches". Do you mean that before and after the steek stitches you leave one stitch (or more, how many?)on each side, just in from the steek, to be an edge stitch and decrease inside that? If so what happens to the edge stitch? Is that where you pick up the neck stitches? I'm trying to picture how decreasing at those points works. Usually I'm out on the edges and I lose stitches on each side, kind of like taking little bites off the neck edge. When I try to picture that in a tube of circular knitting I get a bit flummoxed.

You do, say K2tog on one side and SSK on the other and the edge stitches, no little bites really appear but it is shaping the neck anyway? Is that it? You can't end up with little spaces like I picture along the necks of a regular cardigan. There are no spaces, right?

Sometimes on necks they have you bind off 2 or three at the beginning of several rows. Do you just avoid that sort of shaping and depend on K2tog, SSK type shapings instead? Or is is possible to do the bind offs somehow? Seems like that would lead to holes and wouldn't work.

I appreciated the pictures of the inside of your sweaters. Thanks for showing them, they are helpful.

Do you do the same size of a steek for the sleeves as you do for the opening in the front for a cardigan? Thank you, thank you. Merigold
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