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Wow, Jan, I discovered I can list lots of things we do to be environmentally friendly- so here is a long list:

For years we have used cloth table napkins. Instead of paper. Avaialble at any department store, Goodwill or even garage sales. Several styles need ironing-but I don't bother. Just wash dry and fold and put in a basket on the table. They don't always match each other either. I just choose ones I like when I buy more. Which is not very often, they last for years. I've been considering knitting some linen ones for nice meals...or one could sew themselves napkins.

Also I use an outdoor clothesline from May till about September here. Availabe at hardware stores. We have the retractable style where you mount the unit on a wall and pull the lines out and mount the other end on a post or a tree. Our other end is on an extneded piece of wood from the shed; my husband rigged it up. Here is a place that sells them. In the summer it off sets the cost of running the air conditioner.

My husband uses a push mower, the kind with a rotating blade. Like they used in the old days. We've used that for 10 years now. We do have a relatively small lawn in the front and the back. These are available at hardware stores-usually smaller independent ones. Here is a link for some. No mowing over electric cords. No gas to buy. The emissions from gas mowers are worse than from cars.

We ride bikes lots of places and on another thread I posted a pic of our new electric car. We are also seriously considering adding solar to our house, maybe next year. We also recycle extensively, we have a worm compost bin, but I admit I leave the management of that to my husband and kids primarily.

When the kids were small I put them in cloth diapers. We also have flourescent light bulbs in most of the house. Oh and last fall we bought a front loading washing machine, we have an LG and our water use, according to our bill dropped dramatically. We also got an Energy Trust rebate and a state tax rebate and a rebate from the city!
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